12. Interlude II   (3:29)

music © 2006 by colin nicholls & walter nicholls


This is another instrumental interlude to provide a respite between tracks. If the entire "Steel Tree" suite could be described as being about how screwed up modern-day existence is, then this little interlude is about how the medium is not the message.

Production Notes

This is a mash-up of musical themes from "Steel Tree" and a variation on the chord sequence from the next track, Future Imperfect.

Strings: Dimension Pro "Ensemble Quartet" (intro only)
Korg TR-Rack (high strings)
Percussion: XLN Addictive Drums VSTi (cymbals and snare)
Alesis D4 (sticks, toms, kick)
Bass: Wendler "ElectroCoustic" Fretless
Keyboards: Korg M1 (piano ostinato; low piano notes; chords)
Roland Fantom (lead monosynth)
Roland VK8 (Hammond organ ostinato)
Guitars: Ovation Steel String
Yamaha GC172SF spanish flamenco (lead)
Gibson L6-S (lead; E-Bow drone; slide)
Samples: I think this is a recording of my 1440 baud modem, from years ago.
The telephone operator sample was pulled off the Internet, I've lost the source.

Early Stages

Since 1988 we've been recording our jam sessions on tape cassette. In 1999 I digitized the archives for reference. Any moments of magic relevant to this track, I've extracted and present here.

Interlude 2 in progress (2006)

Here's an alternative version of this track, a work-in-progress from 2006. It's essentially identical except that there's less guitar and the bass is slightly different.

Actually this is pretty good. The bass really punches in the second half.