Welcome to the virtual CD booklet for the second album from The Prodigal Sounds!




The album is now released and is available via Spotify, BandCamp, and various other retailers via distribution by CD Baby.


Some reviews have come in:


"This has got to be a definite contender for one of the best Prog titles this year,"

- Steve Gould, The Lost Art 2020/05/31, MMHRadio.co.uk


"features some relaxing analog melodies and Mike Oldfield-esque guitar. It's a delightful album, with a mighty Lego robot for an album cover."

- Tone Blakesley, At The Edge Of Prog Episode 50


Prototype CD Booklet (PDF)

Prototype CD Tray (PDF)



The Inevitable Obscenity contains 11 tracks of delicious progressive rock goodness.

Tracks 5-10 make up a continuous suite: the story of The God Program.


Click on a track name to view credits, lyrics, production notes, and more!


1. EULA (0:31)

2. Working The Paradigm Shift (8:42)

3. Listen (12:52)

4. The Toks Invade Bogland (4:57)


The God Program:

5.    Cathedral of Hosts (3:27)

6.    Enlightenment (6:06)

7.    Omnipotence in 17/8 (2:58)

8.    Priority Interrupt (2:07)

9.    Fugue State (0:42)

9.    Head Crash (4:31)

10.    Cathedral (reprise) (1:12)


11. Introspection in G / Tubular DLLs (6:57)



Performed, engineered, and produced by colin nicholls

Recorded in a spare room in Marin County, California

Tracked and mixed with Cakewalk By Bandlab.

Mastered with Presonus Studio One 3 and MeldaProduction VSTs

to an average maximum loudness of -12 LUFS, give or take.


photos and design by colin nicholls

copyright (c) Colin Nicholls 2020